Today’s chess news!

  • LizaSeattle
    ChessPub Toronto is holding a 'goodbye' event for Liza. Show up!
  • LizaGoodBye
  • Eric Hansen
    Eric: TOO GEEKY!
  • CoffeeHouse1
    Interesting article in Canada's NationalPost about CoffeeHouses and their influence in modern culture See excerpt on next slide
  • CoffeeHouse2
  • Remorse1
    And speaking of CoffeeHouses and their social impact, here is an interesting story from down under. There is an excerpt on the next slide
  • Remorse2
  • tumblr_nwaj4gBl9Z1r4ro7yo1_1280
  • tumblr_o8klgptiOL1r0tytoo1_540
  • tumblr_o7ng4yJX8m1s2lpywo1_400
    Miles on Kasparov, after being crushed in a match: ''He is a monster with a thousand eyes!''
  • test
  • tumblr_o70nuf2s7v1smdphlo1_1280
  • tumblr_o9lk76aqIL1sauua5o1_1280
    I think Nigel will like this!
  • a2b331c5e1c3efb74681bd50bf1b0885
    Wine Theme. For every bottle of wine you get a free date!
  • 115139-Im-A-Wine-Enthusiast
    Wine philosophy!
  • d87e83e10e49ad5fd2acb584ffb4ca95
    They sell cars with tits and ass, so why not wine!
  • chess-victory-corielle-she-genius
    Chess makes you dance! Whether you win or lose.
  • Chess or Fucking
    No this is not philosophy! 'Chess or Fucking' is the name of a porno-film. I love the combination of 'cigar' , 'chess' and 'sex' themes all in one. I haven't seen the film yet, but I doubt if it will improve your opening skills! (Otherwise ChessBase would sell it as a DVD in their 'improve your game' series!) Note that the board is set up properly.
  • DrunkChess
    WARNING: board set up wrong.
  • tumblr_nua099ib5d1scp6t2o1_500
    The End. Like a good Shakespearean play, a Greek tragedy. ... I think the point is made.
  • 001
    A great photo! Actually from a porno film, but it is precious! The guy is losing strip CHESS. No wonder, the bottle is empty, and the banana did not help.
  • mph_g190_002
    Also part of a porno film. But I love the opening. Does it have a name? What do you think about the idea of making porno-stars have a minimum Elo of , say atleast 1800, so that they SEEM to be trying?!
  • KirsanToday
  • WorkBlogNews - 01
    Chess news, tweets, tournaments, opinions, and much much more. Plus the usual 'Spraggett'-SASSY!
  • WorkBlogNews - 04
    My favourite dancer!
  • WorkBlogNews - 05
  • WorkBlogNews - 06
  • WorkBlogNews - 07
  • July72016work - 1
    7th Hainan Danzhou GM tournament takes place 8th to 17th July 2016. Players: Ding Liren, Yu Yangyi Wang Hao, Bu Xiangzhi, Wang Yue, Hou Yifan, Pentala Harikrishna, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Peter Leko and Vasyl Ivanchuk. Play starts 2:30pm local time
  • July72016work - 2
  • July72016work - 3
  • July72016work - 4
    97 players from 16 countries. 9 gms and 16 ims. Part of the Catalan Circuit.
  • July72016work - 5
    One of Spain's strongest open tournaments during the summer. This year 413 participants from 31 countries. 34 gms and 35 ims. Wow!
  • July72016work - 6
    Dortumund, one of the world's strongest annual tournaments. he 44th Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting takes place 9th to 17th July 2016. Players: Vladimir Kramnik, Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu, Ruslan Ponomariov, Evgeniy Najer, Rainer Buhrmann and Leinier Dominguez-Perez, Play starts 2pm UK time 3pm local each day. Rest days 11th and 14th July.
  • July72016work - 7
  • July72016work - 8
    Very strong event immediately following the World Open. Ten k in prizes. The Open section has sixtyfour players. Ends on the tenth.
  • July72016work - 9
  • ShortTwitterIran
  • Miscel1
  • Danzhou Schedule2
  • Danzhou Schedule
  • IranTournament
  • ShortToilette
  • Kirsan Latest News
  • Tania
    Hard at work! Tania is currently participating at the very strong Najdorf Memorial in Poland.
  • TaniaNews
  • Tania and Dad
    Tania and her father.
  • Tania Style
  • Bovo
  • Bovo1
  • Bovo2
  • Bovo3
  • 254721_10150269988438509_589628508_7879973_7154902_n2528452x45225291
  • AnaMatnadze1
  • AnaMatnadze2
  • AnaMatnadze3
    Ana has very good 'vampirish' features, don't you argree?
  • DanzhouRd1 results
    Rd one results
  • DanzhouRd1 photo
  • July72016work
    Danzhou round 1
  • Danzhou R1 m
  • NajdorfMemResultsRd1
    You can find yesterday's results here
  • WomensGP
  • BarberaRd6pairings
  • Benasue Rd3 pairings
  • granda-r-1-benasque
    Granda is number one rated player. He almost always plays in Benasque.
  • Polugaevsky mem1
  • Polugaevsky mem2
  • Polugaevsky mem3
  • Polugaevsky mem4
  • Polugaevsky mem5
  • Polugaevsky mem6
  • Polugaevsky mem7
  • Polugaevsky mem8
  • Polugaevsky mem9
  • Polugaevsky mem10
  • MarianaAlves
    Really cool work by my god-daughter Mariana. Link over on the sidebar. Check it out!
  • PeterLongArticleWeekly
    Always a good read!
  • Eliza Orlova
    The lovely and talented Liza Orlova is moving to Seattle!

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