About this blog

There is so much more to chess than just pushing the pieces around the board. In 2009, tired of the cheerless, lookalike aspect of the majority of chess blogs on the ‘net, I decided to try to change things and created a more dynamic and vibrant concept. One that is inspired by passion for the game as well as seeking to reveal the inner soul of the rich cultural diversity inside the global chess community.



Especially, I did not want  a blog whose role that would be confined by the so often mediocre and rigid stereotypes that Hollywood has cast chess in. Chess does not exist only in austere cafes and dreary basements. Chess exists in Literature, in Art, in Music, in Science, in Mathematics, in Philosophy, in Politics, in Photography, in Cinema.  Chess lives and breaths…even when we are distant from the board and pieces.

This is the kind of blog I strove to create. Seven years and more than 6,000 posts later, Spraggett on Chess is today followed in more than 180 countries and is one of the most popular chess blogs in the world. Ofcourse, there will be detractors and critics, but I welcome constructive differences of opinions. The creative process, by nature, thrives on challenging long accepted norms.


This is the third home for my blog. I have decided to move to a self-hosted site that offers more advanced technical resources and capabilities. I am excited to push forward  this  blog’s potential. ENJOY!