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  • DylanPhotoChess1960s
    The story behind one of Dylan's most iconic chess photos from the 1960s
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    Chess Pretty Girl. pieces! I guess you would just have to use your imagination...Photo by Conrad Schmidt
  • Sabina and Ana on the way to the European Womens Championship
    Sabrina and Ana heading off to Romania!
  • KasparovFoundation Spain
  • ChessDom Today
  • ChessImprover today
    One of the best sites to learn from
  • KillerD4
    Simon Williams !
  • Salento International Open
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    Beach Bum!
  • GashimovMemorialPressConference1
  • GashimovMemorialOpeningCeremony6
  • GashimovMemorialOpeningCeremony5
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  • ChessPub
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  • Chess DB today
  • AfricaGoingHungry I have Jay's twitter link on my left side bar.
  • 35962-Olivia-Munn-tight-swimsuit-bik-7uQU
    Just nice to look at. The lovely Olivia Munn
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    Beach Bum!
  • GashimovMemorialOpeningCeremony3
  • GashimovMemorialOpeningCeremony2
  • GashimovMemorialOpeningCeremony
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  • FIDE today today
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    Beach Bum!
  • GashimovMemorialRoudn1
  • GashimovMemorialRoudn1b
  • Rd1GashimovMemorial
  • ProtectYourBrandCopyright
    We should all learn more about copyright
  • PeterLongArticle Weekly
    Peter Long is back...and he is not happy!
  • MostFantasticMovesEverPlayed
  • MostExpensiveChessSet in the World Renowned French artist and master of jewelry, Bernard Maquin created the Royal Diamond Chess set in 2005 bringing the game of chess to a whole new level. Noted for its abililty to combine fine art, jewelry, and the classic game of chess, this is one of the most expensive chess sets in the world. Thirty craftsmen, under the direction of Maquin spent over 4500 hours creating the expensive chess set. The work was done all by hand and when it was completed, the artists used 1168.75 grams of 14 carat white gold, and approximately 9900 black and white diamonds, bringing the total weight to 186.09 carats and the total cost to $500,000.
  • Merenzon Interview
  • ChessBooksSold70years ago
    American chess literature produced the Fischers and Loimbardys of the world
  • tumblr_o2rob5xItU1ua7unio1_1280
    Do you want to get out of the pool and play chess? (I don't think soo...)
  • tumblr_mcn1obaO9z1qcdh1wo1_500
    Just nice to look at!
  • What is Short up to  Whale Hunting perhaps.
  • TrumpTowerChess
  • Tiviakov commentary
  • Salento
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  • SalentoStandingsafter6rounds
  • RussianChessFederation (english)
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  • AsianContinental
  • AsianContinental2Players
  • AsianContinental3 Round 2 pairings
  • Arturo Pomar Dies
    Death of a Legend in the Spanish speaking world.
  • Arturo Pomar Dies ABC
    Played Alekhine at age 13! Living Legend.
  • Alekine with Pomar
    A part of our collective chess history has dies with today's passing of Arturo Pomar Read more here about his life:

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