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  • Jeanne d'Arc
    Jeanne d'Arc Interesting article by the Spanish literary icon Arrabal: But I don't buy Yifan's arguments. She has made an enormous amount of money playing the double-standards of Women's chess (in Gibraltar in 2015, for example, besides the prize she picked up for finishing in the top ten, she picked up a cool 15,000 pounds as top female player, making more money than the tournament winner Nakamurov! ) No, you either take a principled stand as Judit Polgar has done (only play men tournaments--as a question of honour and principle) or you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, stop complaining and swallow whatever Kirsan dishes out. Yifan has no right to expect to eat her cake and have it too....she now dreams of being treated like a man--but only when it is to her advantage-- while at the same time wanting to keep all of the financial advantages she has as a woman. No way, Jose! It is not fair either to men or to her women colleagues.
  • EuropeEchecs
  • NakedChess2
  • TheDeathOfTartakower'sParents Based on this article:
  • ChessCafeMay21
    Today in the world of chess by ChessCafe
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  • Filatov Putin Award
  • KirsanBuddhists
  • Alexandra You Just Got Pawned Magazine
  • Alexandra You Just Got Pawned
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  • MorozevichGo
    Morozevich playiing Go!
  • NakedChess
  • Pawns In A Greater Game 1939
  • PlayfulSpyChess
  • KenWhyld Foundation
  • Salento Open
    Begins today!
  • PulseMagazine
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  • ChessNaked
    Women playing naked chess
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  • OlimpBase
    OlimpBase is a gold mine of information!
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    Stupid Snake! Must think it is a dog...
  • Short is FIGHTING again!
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  • death
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