Today’s winning 5-sec tactics

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  1. Louis Morin says:

    I think the solution is actually a bit more complicated than it looks after 30…Qf2!! 31.Rf1 Rxc4 32.Rxf2 Rc1+ 33.Kg2 Be3! 34.Rf1 Rc2+ and Black won by technical means. White can put up a stubborn resistance with 34.a4! (instead of 34.Rf1) Bxf2 35.Kxf2, for example 35…Rb1 36.Nxd6 Rxb3 37.Nc4 Rb4 38.Nxa5 Rxa4 39.Nc6 Ra2+ 40.Ke3 Kf8 41.d6 and I cannot see any win for Black. So here is the solution: 34.a4! Bxf2 35.Kxf2 Rc2+! 36.Kg3 (nothing better) Kg7! 37.Nxd6 h4+! 38.Kxh4 Rg2!!. The only winning move. Now White is in zugzwang, 39.Nc4 allowing 39…Kh6! followed by mate. And if White tries to stop all this nonsense with 37.h4 (instead of 37.Nxd6), Black has 37…f5! 38.exf5 gxf5 39.Nxd6 f4+ 40.Kh3 Rf2 winning easily. Wow!