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1 Response

  1. Dear Kevin,

    As you noticed the distribution of the DGT clock models 2010 and XL have been targeted by Mr. Vaughan.

    We have informed Mr. Vaughan immediately after his first mail to us that DGT does not use itself, and does not promote the use of, the wording “World Chess Federation” anywhere in branding our products, in the design of our packaging.
    We could not even find the wording “World Chess Federation” in the manuals that go with the DGT 2010 and the DGT XL clocks.
    These clocks are promoted as “official FIDE chess clock” or with variations on that title. This is based on consecutive agreements between FIDE and DGT if which the first was signed in 1993.

    After the e-mail of Mr. Vaughan all USA based retailers of DGT clocks have been asked to check that they refer to the DGT 2010 and DGT XL clock as “FIDE approved”, or “Official FIDE clocks” and avoid the use the wording Mr. Vaughan objects to.
    This does not imply that DGT is of the opinion that Mr. Vaughan is correct in his claims, but is should be clear that DGT regards it as trivial.

    As far as DGT is concerned we have shown we did not infringe and the mail informing US retailers who might have used the common language name for FIDE, asking them to change it wherever it occurs, complies with his request, the rest is to be argued between FIDE and Mr. Vaughan.

    It would be appreciated if Mr. Vaughan would stop creating collateral damage in this conflict.

    The business of DGT is to service the chess community by developing and producing high quality digital chess equipment.

    Kind regards,

    Albert Vasse
    DGT C.E.O.