Good news for ‘old’ chess players!

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  1. atsa164s says:

    Hello Kevin,
    I confess panicked when you briefly went of the air. Being somewhat prone to conspiracy theories I feared that your opposition in the plodding part of Canadian chess community somehow contrived to silence you (oh! even they value the chess and artistic content of your site and would be sorry to see it disappear) but politics trumps honesty to say so openly (although there were a few isolated and some grudging comments to that effect on Chesstalk) . Am relieved to see your are back in business!

    Thanks for the good news for me the oldie and you the youngster,for even they with luck can attain old age, about regeneration of certain brain cells, neurons. I think the more limiting factor in analysis of any sort is the number of how many factors we can process (juggle in a short period of time) and arrive at a decision, and that depends on the speed of our “clock” which inevitably decreases during ageing. Number of neurons must be relatively important but I guess it to be secondary in the overall reasoning process given their great number to start.

    Still want to know what what you think of Jeno Ban’s generalization (reduction) to only 6 tactical motifs in chess tactics. As I said before, I think it is the best so far and surpasses Averbakh’s and
    Informant’s as Jeno Ban’s concepts are relatively less overlapping.