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Psychopathy in Tbilisi

The Bermudas Affair



How to explain irrational behaviour? The current FIDE Dress Code specifically (Reg.5) prohibits the clothing that World Cup organizer Azmaiparashvili was wearing Read the rest “Psychopathy in Tbilisi”

Peter Stockhausen’s death: Part II


August 20, 1948 to February 18, 2016,

68 years of age

Dear Kevin,

I’ve already told you that just before 7pm on Friday February 19, Read the rest “Peter Stockhausen’s death: Part II”

More on P.Stockhausen’s death


August 20.1948–February 18, 2016

I understand that Stockhausen’s estranged wife (Karen) is preparing a statement and this will be later published here on this blog.  

Read the rest “More on P.Stockhausen’s death”